10 Things I’d Rather Do Than Shop on Black Friday

25 Nov

1.  Start a new Blog (Check)

Yes, I started a new blog today . .. why?  Because I want to write about something other than Adoption. I think I’ve written all I can possibly say on the topic at my other blog about that.

2.  File a Nonprofit corporation with the Ohio Secretary of State. (Check)

Yes, I did this too.  I had been putting it off for months.  It was surprisingly easy to do and I was ecstatic that I can cross it off my list! I’m sure the Board of Directors of the nonprofit will be happy they can stop nagging me to do it now.

3.  Sit at Panera Bread and write. (Check)

Oh, how I miss the old days before we had WIFI at our house when I would sit in my “corner office” at Panera Bread writing blogs about adoption.  I also kind of miss how they used to kick me off the WIFI after 30 minutes (seriously?  Is this good customer service?). Of course, I would not leave after 30 minutes.  No, I would just log in to the WIFI at the restaurant across the block.

4.  Spend quality time with the hubs. (Check)

Our minor child went on a field trip to Cincinnati to Brickmas (Fans of Lego + Christmas) so we enjoyed some time alone today.

5.  Sing to Contemporary Christian songs. (Check)

I do this every day and today was no different.  Have to practice for the Sunday line-up!


6.  Play with the ferrets. (Check)

Another daily activity but today was especially fun as we got the blanket out and let the ferrets RIDE on it and jump on each other.  Good times.

7.  Visit Libraries (Check)

We are library book hoarders.  I have no idea how we keep track of so many library books and have yet to manage to NOT lose one.

8. Chastise myself for not getting a leg-up on Christmas shopping. (Check)

Have I mentioned I hate shopping?  Yes, it’s true.  Which is why I need to plan trips out of town over Christmas so people don’t notice I didn’t buy anything.

9. Watch The Gilmore Girls on Netflix (Check)

We love this show and I hear there is a reunion of some kind on tonight.

10.  Order LaRosa’s fresh-out-the-oven chocolate chip cookies (Check)

Yes, LaRosa’s has amazing pizza but their chocolate chip cookies . . . the best!